Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Each family will be required to complete 20 hours of school-related volunteer service. If service is not performed/signed off, your rated hours ($20 per hour) will be charged to said family. Self-tracking sheets are available below and need to be turned in no later than April 15th with any/all final payments for possible assessments. Optional Buyout: $400/family.

Volunteer Service Hours Form

Here are some volunteer opportunities that will help you reach your yearly service hour goal.

Home and School Room Parent Committee

  • You are there as a primary contact & organizer so don’t feel it’s your responsibility to DO IT ALL!
  • Get input from your other room parents…more input makes it easier on you & a better community!
  • When sending group emails & be sure to cc everyone on responses and contact those without email by phone to fill them in
  • Contact the teacher to see if they have suggestions or input…often they can suggest a game or project with their current learning unit
  • Always make other parents feel welcome to attend the parties or offer suggestions—for the younger grades it’s quite helpful to have as many hands as possible at the skating party!!!
  • Thank your team members for their contribution & ideas

Welcome to St. John's Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee assists volunteers with the maintenance of St. John's Church and School landscape. This includes mowing, grass and tree trimming, grounds cleanup, landscaping/flower bed care, sprinkler maintenance, snow removal, and maintenance of the machinery.

If any of you have a gift of time and/or talent, we are always looking for volunteers YOUNG and OLD alike. Whether you want to assist with the plant sale, pull weeds or plant flowers, trim grass, clean off the sidewalks, water, or if you're a Senior at Pius and need service hours, St. Johns will always need your help.

Contact Tini and Keith Oehlertz or come Saturday mornings at 9 am (after the 8:15 Mass). We can always work around your schedule if Saturday mornings don't work for you.