Toys/Nuisance Items

Please keep personal toys or nuisance items at home.  We are not responsible for damage or loss of personal items.  Teachers and Administration reserve the right to remove the items (including watches, jewelry, and hair accessories) from the child.


Students must ALWAYS dismount and walk bicycles across school grounds before, after, and during the school day.  Bicycle riders are asked to leave the school grounds immediately when school is dismissed.  Helmets should be worn when riding to and from school.

Birthday Treats

Students may bring treats to their classroom with teacher approval.  Please check with the teacher in advance to inquire about any potential food allergies of other students. 

  • Birthday/party invitations may not be distributed at school.
  • Please provide napkins/ utensils as needed for birthday treats.
  • Individual servings are preferred.
  • Please refrain from bringing un-cut large cakes or cookies.


No personal deliveries for students will be accepted at school.  This includes floral and balloon arrangements delivered to the office.

Telephone & Electronic Devices

The school telephone is a business telephone.  Therefore, students will not be allowed to use the phone except in cases of emergency and to report referrals to the homework room.  Students will not be summoned to the office for telephone calls.  However, messages from a parent will be delivered to the student if received by 1:30 p.m.  Messages after 1:30 p.m. may not be delivered until the next morning.  Teachers ordinarily will not be called from their classrooms for telephone calls except in cases of emergency.  Please let us know if it is an emergency - otherwise, a note will be placed in the teacher’s mailbox.

Cell Phone, iPod, and Other Technology Devices

Cell phones, iPods, Apple Watches and other electronic or musical devices are not to be used in school during regular school hours. All such items are to be turned off and out of sight until student has left the property. There is a phone in the school office for emergency student use. Violation of this policy will result in the cell phone, iPod or other musical device being confiscated and taken to the main office. A parent or legal guardian must then come to school to retrieve the item. Continued violation of this policy could result in loss of privileges, detentions, or the item being detained for a set period of time (with parent approval).